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The Polished Professional Online Program
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Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is offering The Polished Professional online!!

According to a study conducted by Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Learning Institute says that your success in business is attributed:

15% in your technical skills,
85% in your social skills.

Social skills, personal skills, people skills or what I term “polish.” If polish is so important then how much time have you spent on this skill?

The Polish Professional allows you to learn the skill of polish right from your computer…right now…right where you sit….instantly from the comfort and convenience of your own computer.



  • How to Enhance your Ability to Make a Trustworthy and Positive First Impression using the Skills of Correct Personal Presentation
  • Your Center of Power
  • The Visual Components of Your Professional Savvy
  • The Vocal Components of Your Professional Savvy
  • How to Make a Proper Introduction
  • Handshaking Etiquette
  • Business Card Protocol
  • How to Work a Room – Networking
  • How to Sit Correctly
  • How to Enter a Room Correctly
  • How to go Beyond Posture into Having Presence
  • How to Have a Successful Meeting over a Meal
  • American and Continental Styles of Dining


  • About the Conscious and Subconscious Interactions of the First Impression
  • Things that Will Make People Like You or Leave You
  • What your HandshakeSays About You
  • The Difference Between Having Good Posture and Having Presence
  • The Levels of Acceptable Professional Dress
  • The Power of Your Voice on Others and Yourself
  • What People Notice About You First
  • Why You Really do not Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression


  • Many other Timely Tips

Invest in yourself and improve your image.

The Program

The program is taught in four modules:

Module 1 – Personal Branding and First Impressions

- Personal Branding
- First Impressions
- Gesturing
- Handshaking
- Facial Expressions
- Posture
- Attire

Module 2 – Communication Excellence

- Techno Etiquette
- Smart Phone Etiquette
- Email Etiquette
- Social Media Etiquette

Module 3 – Networking Etiquette

- Business Card Etiquette
- Names
- Titles
- Networking Etiquette
- Proper Introductions

Module 4 – Professional Table Manners Program

Professional Table Manners is not a book or streaming video. It is a state of the art, interactive course that has audio and visual that speaks directly to you….with talking text, click and drag, question and action, actual setting of the place setting. Unlike a video that you just watch, or a book you just read, this is a course that involves participation from you….as you learn more by doing than by watching. It is an achievement, because it is a course that you pass with a final test. You also receive a certificate that is suitable for framing. It can be repeated as often as needed.
This online course has won the Bronze Medal Award from the Brandon Hall Global Excellence in Learning Awards for excellence in online learning.
Click here to see a live demo of module 4 – dining

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:

A concise course written for business and individual use

    • Spend less time trying to find answers to your etiquette questions – arm yourself with vital information and insights on learning that polish is a skill

You will be in the know

    • Do not miss important functions because you were afraid of embarrassing yourself or your company – turn fear into confidence

Developed with a global award winning custom developer

    • Do not be intimated by on-line learning…. it is user friendly, easy to navigate and understand – teaches you new competitive skills

Within a few seconds of ordering, you’ll be interacting with the course

    • Quick and easy access to the course, for your utmost convenience

Fun interactive program

    • The program is audio, visual and tactile, using all methods of interaction for maximum learning while keeping your attention – it’s a creative way to help fulfill your success

You will receive a certificate of completion for module 4 – Professional Table Manners that is suitable for framing

    • Proof of continuing education in the field of professional development that may be required by your company – invest in your future

It can be repeated as often as needed

    • Do not worry if you have to stop and start as time allows. You can take this course as often as you like and the program remembers where you’ve been – do not get left behind

You do not have to travel to take the course

    • Save time and money, take the course at home or at the office or anywhere where you can connect to the internet – turn your unproductive time into time well spent

You do not have to schedule a class

    • Take the course at a time that is convenient for you – flexible training option

Learn the American and Continental styles of dining

    • Feel confident entertaining American or International guests – fine tune your social skills

Printable handouts for you to keep

    • After completion, you will have a concise ready for print reference for future use – broadens your knowledge base

Instructions on how to use this course

    • You do not have to worry if you’ve never taken an online program – it’s easy!!

The ability to print the bonus e-books

    • You can print this e-book from your printer within seconds of ordering – quick, concise secrets for success

How to take the course

The Polished Professional Online Program will be available to you live, on the internet, for a period of three months. Upon purchase of this program, you will be immediately sent by email, a userID, password and hyperlink – valid for only one designated computer. Click the link, input the userID and password exactly as received (case sensitive), and begin learning. So within minutes of registering for the course, you will be able to start.

Your investment

Polished Professional Online – $297.00

Your investment includes the online program that consists of audio, videos, notebook pages, online dining tutorial, suggested reading list. This course is designed to be taken at your convenience at your computer.

The password will be given to you upon purchase and will be good for 3 months.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express is accepted.

Price: $297.00
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