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The Polished Professional

Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is offering The Polished Professional online!! According to a study conducted by Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Learning Institute says that your success in business is attributed: 15% in your technical skills, 85% in your social skills. Social skills, personal skills, people skills or what I term "polish." More Info »
Price: $297.00

The Etiquette of the Interview

Today's highly competitive, global environment, landing the desired job requires more than academics and experience, it requires the skill of polish professionals are looking for when filling employment opportunities. More Info »

The Eight Business Etiquette Secrets for College Graduates Audio Book

 "The Eight Business Etiquette Secrets for College Graduates"    Every day I talk to business people across the country on understanding that courtesy and how you treat others is not about who the person you are interacting with is....how you treat others.... is all about who you are. This audio book is designed to help you expand on your strengths, by sharing some of the secrets More Info »
Price: $9.95

The Code of Distinction - Hardcover

The Code of Distinction is an exceptional book that challenges High School and College students to understand their personal brand, take ownership of who they are, elevate their brand to the highest level, then give it away. More Info »
Price: $19.95

The Code of Distinction - Digital PDF Download

The Code of Distinction is developed for the student or young adult desiring and preparing for success. The benefits realized from the understanding and skills provided in the Code of Distinction are some of the greatest investments you can make in your career, relationships, and quality of life. More Info »
Price: $9.95

Professional Table Manners – The Art of the Business Meal

Professional Table Manners - The Art of the Business Meal What you need to know about having a successful meeting over a meal. Winner of the Brandon Hall "Excellence in E-Learning" Global Award Cindy on Dr.PhilLearn on-line....right now....right where you sit....instantly... from the comfort More Info »
Price: $99.00